On The Issues

If elected, I will make the issues of the 4th Congressional district my priority. I want to ensure that the interest of our district is protected at the federal level. As such, we can create more jobs at manufacturing plants in our district like the Smyrna Nissan and the Spring Hill GM plants. Likewise, I stand by our farmers and I will resist over regulation of businesses like our light industry.

Small businesses are the basic units of a thriving American economy hence we should support small businesses and not stifle them. As we look at small businesses, we need to get America back to its glory days as more of a manufacturing nation than a consumer nation. I stand with all American workers in achieving this dream.

It is time to bring back a Welfare-to-Work policy because Americans would rather have a pay check than a welfare check. I believe the Unions have a great part to play with the Chambers of Commerce and as such I intend to work with the Unions not against them, because one can never negotiate with an adversary.

There is a deficit crisis that needs urgent intervention. That said, ‘entitlement reform’ should neither be a political tool nor one that creates adverse consequences for those who require the safety net of social security or welfare. Tax loopholes and havens have to be eliminated so that more revenue is kept in America.

I salute our men and women who have worn the uniform so that we can be free as a nation and likewise help free many in the world from oppression and tyranny. Lee Greenwood’s “GOD BLESS AMERICA” says “That I’m proud to be an American; Where at least I know I’m free; And I won’t forget the men who died; Who gave that right to me.” I will improve the Veterans’ Administration system and do all I can to take care of our veterans.

I strongly believe every woman deserves to “have it all”. Due to the economic challenges, there are new realities facing America. Today, there are fewer one-income families with more women working out of the home. There are also more households headed by women. I want to ensure that every woman is given the necessary support to excel whether she chooses to pursue her career or have a family or have both. Women should be able to choose if they want to stay at home or work out of the home.

I believe our health care system should be patient-centered with a provider making the necessary decision rather than a bureaucrat implementing questionable standards. It is very important for the economy to have a healthier population through increased access, but that has to be sought with a sustainable system that is financially prudent and efficient.

We need to keep our promise to the elderly. Reform of Social Security and Medicare should not be achieved on the backs of senior citizens or those close to retirement age. Reform is more appropriate targeting those who are middle aged and younger. We ought to allow family members to provide home care support to their elderly parents with reimbursement for services in kind so as to keep elderly in their homes and out of long term care.

Today, the outstanding student debt is approaching a staggering amount of nearly $1 trillion. This crisis is impeding the economic recovery as recent graduates are often compelled to pay back these loans than invest in the economy. Naturally, the best solution is a faster growing economy with more high income jobs- in addition we have to look outside the box to address the next bubble. Have we forgotten the future of America? I will address this crisis because I know firsthand what that burden feels like!