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Welcome to the Campaign Website of
Yomi "Fapas" Faparusi

Welcome to the Campaign Website of Yomi "Fapas" Faparusi

Thank you for visiting the official campaign website of Yomi Faparusi, affectionately known as Fapas. Yomi is running as an independent candidate for the U.S. House to represent Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District. His campaign is built on the principles of unity, practical solutions, and putting people over party politics.

In a time when divisive party ideologies often hinder progress, Yomi is dedicated to fostering collaboration and addressing the real issues that matter to you. He believes in working together to find common-sense solutions that benefit everyone, regardless of political affiliation.

Mark your calendars for the general election on November 5, 2024. We invite you to explore our website to learn more about Yomi’s platform, vision, and how you can get involved in this movement. Together, we can overcome division and create a brighter future for Tennessee.
Join us in this mission for unity and real solutions. Welcome to our movement for a better Tennessee!
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About Yomi Faparusi

Yomi Faparusi is a dedicated public servant, entrepreneur, and advocate for the people of Tennessee. With a proven track record of leadership and a commitment to finding bipartisan solutions, Yomi is ready to represent the interests of all constituents in the U.S. House of Representatives.


Economic Prosperity

Fapas wants to ensure that Tennessee remains the beacon of economic prosperity and the pacesetter for policies that spur economic growth. He believes in fostering economic growth that benefits all Tennesseans. He supports policies that promote job creation, investment in infrastructure, and access to quality education and training programs to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to succeed in the modern economy. By championing these initiatives, Fapas aims to replicate the economic success Tennessee has experienced and leverage it on a national scale. Tennessee's robust economy is a testament to effective policies that attract businesses, encourage innovation, and support workforce development. The state has become a magnet for companies and individuals seeking a thriving economic environment. Fapas recognizes the potential of these strengths to address the economic challenges faced by other states, preventing the exodus of residents who are drawn to Tennessee's opportunities. His vision includes taking Tennessee's blueprint for success to Washington DC. By advocating for policies that enhance job creation, bolster infrastructure, and expand educational opportunities, Fapas aims to create a ripple effect that fosters economic stability and growth nationwide. He believes that by implementing these proven strategies, the federal government can support all states in cultivating an environment where businesses flourish, and residents enjoy a higher quality of life. Fapas' approach underscores the importance of equitable economic development, ensuring that prosperity is accessible to everyone, not just a select few. His commitment to these principles is driven by the desire to see more states emulate Tennessee's success, reducing the need for residents to relocate in search of better opportunities. Small businesses are the basic units of any economy and policies have to be in place to make small businesses thrive. By doing so, Fapas aims to create a more balanced and thriving national economy, benefiting all Americans. This will ensure the American Dream remains attainable for all Americans.

Good Governance & Bipartisanship

Fapas will put the interest of his constituents over partisanship. He will not be beholden to any political party. Fapas believes in finding common ground and working across the aisle to deliver results for the people of Tennessee's 5th Congressional District. He will prioritize collaboration and compromise to address the pressing challenges facing our state and nation. These days the Congress is always in stalemate, and nothing gets done. His campaign slogan, "I care", means that he cares about the concerns of all his constituents, regardless of their political leaning. Fapas will work across the aisle to prevent the threat of , or actual government shutdowns that have become the norm in the last decade. This stalemate has caused too much pain and instability for many Americans, for example through the temporary suspension of social security payments and military pay. The partisan division is hurting us, and it has to stop now. Fapas is running as a uniter and as such he has chosen not to run on wedge issues that only serve to divide and weaken us as Americans. He understands that things will not change overnight but he wants to change the tone in Washington DC. Fapas wants to promote being American first over allegiance to political party. He believes we all have to talk to each other so we can maximize areas where we agree and minimize our differences through mutual respect for opposing viewpoints on issues. He will work to return America and the Congress to the good old days when we all worked together in unity. Fapas will represent all the people and not just a partisan segment.


Securing the border is a necessary step towards a comprehensive solution to the immigration crisis but it is not an immigration plan. Many in DC have given the impression that these two concepts are the same. Securing the border is also a national security issue because a porous border makes us vulnerable to those coming to the United States to hurt us. As an immigration attorney, Fapas has a deep understanding of the burden of decades of having no real immigration plans as well as the complexities and practicalities of the current immigration system. Our immigration system is overburdened and on the verge of collapse. Fapas will work hard to solve our immigration crisis once and for all, working across the aisle to achieve a greater good over political expediency. Fapas is a naturalized American and he knows firsthand that Immigration is not just a social issue. Immigration is also an economic issue. A plan to address the immigration crisis has to be a bipartisan plan but that plan has to be preceded by a plan that secures the border. Fapas is a realist that understands that many in Congress would not entertain the idea of passing an immigration plan into law that is not accompanied by one that secures the border. Congress needs to stop posturing or placating their political base, both sides of the aisle need to come together and present a comprehensive plan to Americans.


Fapas is committed to ensuring that every Tennessean has access to affordable and high-quality healthcare. He supports measures to lower prescription drug costs, protect coverage for pre-existing conditions, and expand access to mental health services. As a physician, he recognizes the financial burden that high prescription drug costs place on families. Fapas will advocate for policies that make essential medications more affordable. He believes that no one should have to choose between their health and their financial stability. By pushing for legislative reforms and collaborating with stakeholders, Fapas aims to reduce the cost of prescription drugs, making them accessible to all Tennesseans. Furthermore, Fapas is a staunch defender of protecting coverage for pre-existing conditions. He understands that health insurance is crucial for individuals with chronic illnesses or prior health issues, ensuring they receive the necessary care without facing exorbitant costs or denials of coverage. His commitment to this cause is unwavering, as he works to uphold and strengthen protections that safeguard vulnerable populations. Fapas also recognizes the growing need for comprehensive mental health services. Mental health is an integral part of overall well-being, yet many individuals face barriers to accessing the care they need. Fapas supports expanding mental health services, increasing funding for mental health programs, and integrating mental health care into primary healthcare systems. By doing so, he aims to create a holistic healthcare environment where mental health is given equal priority to physical health. Through these initiatives, Fapas' ultimate goal is to create a healthcare system in Tennessee that is inclusive, affordable, and of the highest quality. He believes that access to healthcare is a fundamental right and is dedicated to ensuring that every Tennessean can live a healthy, fulfilling life.

Vision & Beliefs

I am guided by a set of core values and beliefs that inform my decisions and actions, such as:

"It is easy to snap a twig in half. It is harder to break two at the same time, and it's all but impossible to do any serious damage to a tightly bound bunch. There's safety in numbers, security in unity, protection in community. "
- Gideon Alabi-Isama
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