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America has been very good to me, allowing me the privilege to experience the American Dream for me and my family. I have educated myself on our Constitutional Republic and believe that our ever expanding and overreaching government is the cause of most of our social and economic problems. I believe the American people live out the answer to our problems daily. We balance our budgets, deal honestly with our fellow citizens and protect our families and communities from outside sources that seek to harm us. My campaign is about living out the American Dream through Our American Values.

Tennessee’s 4th Congressional District is a great example of what makes America great. From small unincorporated farming towns to large, bustling cities full of commerce and activity. We all get along and serve each other at many different levels. My campaign will declare that “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” is our goal for every American and we will work together to bring this message to Washington DC.

Please join me. God Bless America.

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Fighting for the American Dream through Our American Values

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