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Who is Yomi Faparusi?

Yomi Faparusi Sr. “Fapas” came to the United States in search of the American Dream. Fapas had to work minimum wage jobs in his quest and faced adversity. This life experience taught him that, it is not so much about whether one falls but it is more about how one rises after each fall. Above all, his opportunity to work with hard working Americans has made him very compassionate in his endeavors.

Dr. Faparusi grew up in Nigeria, West Africa; He received his Jurist Doctorate from Widener University School of Law in Wilmington, Delaware graduating with Cum Laude honors. Prior to law school, Dr. Faparusi received his Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Ibadan’s College of Medicine in Ibadan, Nigeria and his PhD in Public Health from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. Fapas is a licensed physician, attorney and researcher. He currently runs three small businesses- a law practice, a consultancy partnership and a service oriented company, each run on small business principles.

Over the past decade, Dr. Faparusi has been very active in Republican campaigns within Tennessee and nationally. Yomi has spent a lot of time and effort to promote Conservative candidates such as working the Iowa Caucuses in 2012 for the Rick Perry campaign, driving through miles of rural Iowa to talk to the farmers. In the months leading to the 2012 general elections, Dr. Faparusi made multiple trips to central Ohio for the Romney/Ryan campaign to collect data as well as campaign door-to-door in northwest Ohio. Fapas has also been a member of Young Republican groups starting with the Maryland Young Republicans (MDYR) and lately the Tennessee Young Republicans.

Dr. Faparusi is married to Yetunde Faparusi and they are blessed with 3 sons, Laolu, Baba and Yomi Jr.

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