I am endorsing Fapas because I know him to be a man of great character, integrity, and love to serve his community. His genuine love of mankind is a breath of fresh air. His kindness and willingness to give without expecting anything in return amazes me and I know he will be a great congressman

Grace Ibine

I am Nigerian leaving in Nigeria and support hour to promote and paint the Nigerian image well before Americans and indeed the while world that we are always a great assets to any community we are. I also want you to prove to Americans that any Nigerian accents always gifted and intelligent enough to impacted positively to their host community. All the best of luck Bro

Zölex Hammed

We need more people to run campaigns like this. I want to know what the person stands for not what their opponents did or did not not do. It is good to see a person value the riches that America offers and puts America first. I do not believe you have to agree with all issues of the candidate but the majority of the issues that affect America. It is good to read about someone that is a servant of America not servant of their own quest.

Anthony Kindle

True to your campaign theme, you will be enabled by the Almighty God to serve man and country, and your good works will culminate in a rewarding and fruitful experience for all generations.

Sunny-Gabriel Odey

Latent liberty is as shackling (and poisonous) as a virile web of servitude. – Ajigo Olajide I am Olajide and I endorse Fapas for Congress. Liberty in the American Dream.

Ajigo Olajide

The world at large needs a man like you that is ready to make our world a better place for living with happiness liberty and the care for humanity …..wishing u all the best….Dr Yomi Faparusi.

Olorunsogo Ayobami

I fully support Fapas.

Britney Shea

You are a good example of leadership by example. Your values, loyalty and fresh perspective will stand you in good stead! Carpe diem!


The man you will not regret having in the Congress, a true bridge builder.

Ajakaiye Hope Ekundayo

Brilliant; reliable: a bridge builder!

Morenike Taire